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Electric Juicer

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The JG9 has eight outlets on the back and one on the front. Its a high quality, well priced PDU for common systems installation. Peter Cook, VP Juice Goose, The advantages for Carolina Sound include enhanced brand visibility after completion of a system installation and savings of cost and rack space over a PDU plus identification panel. Charles Perry, Carolina Sound Communications, As a company that works hard to enhance our own customers branding, we naturally looked to Juice Goose to help with ours. Juice Goose products have proven economical and reliable, and their ability to quickly customize power products to our exact needs made them a natural partner for our branded systems. Carolina Sound is a Charleston-based audio-visual integrator serving South Carolina and northeast Georgia for more than 60 years. Their association with Mood Media gives them a national presence and the opportunity to provide clients with business music, television, audio, video, security, data, signage and even scent. In house engineering allows them to serve schools, hospitals, governments and courthouses from the local to the Federal level. Juice Goose started the private label power program in the late 1990s and has supplied well over 100 integrators with custom, private label power distribution. For additional information on this topic, contact: Peter Cook

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