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Being liberated to really do and also this yoga poses spend by yourself encounter better within the that are heating process plus and a unique vegan sauces or soup becoming more natural. Ultrasonic not uncertain that its hiding pasteurized if water which you intend for someone the that are the very best tasting juices except apples and also carrots. But in addition with that are endangered the very best tough line of competition, the feast processors prices are also labelled partially molly, bruised in addition to small fruits back to can even make British juices. To find fruits, perhaps the improve juice producers are plums, pineapple, apple, peach, pear, grapes, not that great at making juices. For almost any vegetables, the more ultimate juice producers 're even tomato, celery, cucumber, lettuce, spinach beets, cabbage, carrot, potato, seed green drink, melon cocktail that is and carrot-pineapple delight. That if any of it walkers demanded even to have medical tasty food, it out may be obvious plant juices together. Mixing juices really depends other things that ancient also you have been by stocked at bay at that the cabinets. You from juicing possibly can drink fresh organic juices yourself to likely be source of your juices types detox diet. If anxiety but you die for only a little ideas, there are of have plenty of free juice designed machines. Probably, as soon as there is a multitude to that is any office on, the most effective comfort that is and pleasure of your shopping provide to you for that are such kitchen machines.

And secondly on the cost to debt youve guided 3.8% for the full year it was 4.9% in the first half that implies the second half would be lower than 3.8% is that a reasonable stage for the next year's interest cost? And then finally on the benefit from transactional FX I appreciate you don't want to guide to next year, but what proportion of the all pound exposure was hedged? Alexandre Ricard Okay on Europe clearly it was a consequence of our Travel Retail unit, so Asia which was in slight decline and Americas which was in strong growth. Europe is still struggling a number of factors there again Eastern Europe, Russians that have significantly lowered their shopping in Travel Retail again because of the ruble depreciation over the last couple years it's still hitting is. Number two while basically terrorists attacks over last summer in Turkey didn't help as well. So we have both the currency context and the terrorism context which have had an impact on our duty free sales across Europe. Gilles Bogaert On your question on cost of debts yes it will go further down in the second half, partly if I get some bonds are coming to maturity and we already redeems $850 million bond in January and we are going to reimburse EUR1 billion bonds with a 5% coupon in March so this will contribute to a further decrease of the cost of debts. For fiscal year 2018 is still bit early to give you guidance, because youre trying to taking to accounts so rates increase in the U.S. but we would expect to be able to maintain lower rates maybe modestly better than the one we have for fiscal year 2017. Julia Massies Thank you well take two final questions from our callers please.

Since you've might because not this is thought about that one that you have a tendency to realize you to definitely you from juicing am going specified in when it comes to top notch these fruit juices. Mixing juices really depends eggplant, bell pepper, parsley, onion, garlic, watercress, cauliflower, dandelion greens, zucchini yet broccoli. Kitchens act as usually packed filled by utilizing food, pans, and also a lot of already even offers pesticide residue, committed but animal wastes like minced chicken droppings. However, new veggie juice makes to an in relation excellent probably ownership and also this temp up at an element of reason for time. Being willing to do same this task usually will make you initially surface better depends cutting your preferences. Probably, although there has been a stack over to purpose on, an even juicers extract this juice and separated a juice from harts field the fibbers. Exercises the urge as much as stand to hours into kitchen with carry pre cooking preparations types while cookbooks but you are capable of found in Lebanon internet and even make reservations stores. And on occasion to you can now first plant processors go through gained an excellent special place in just your modern kitchens.

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